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Our Story

Our Roots (2008 to 2017)

We started our journey as engineers. Hungry to make an impact in the world, traveling far from home to learn the ropes of retail and technology. Our first entrepreneurial venture started in Silicon Valley in 2008. It was a nights & weekend job that started with building mathematical models for retail pricing. As we worked shoulder to shoulder with some of the best consulting companies in the world, we even opened our own store to meet the business where the rubber meets the road. Our core team grew and we worked hard between cricket matches and camping trips towards our goal. The mission was “the pursuit of perfection in the art of scientific pricing”, we successfully grew toward 7 figure revenue over 9 years.

Product for the Future. (2017 to 2019)

After 9 years of implementing successful pricing strategies at some of the largest retailers in the world, we wanted to automate ourselves. The rapid progress in technology had brought artificial intelligence and computing power that was ready to harness the huge amount of valuable data generated by retail consumption. We successfully raised money from a fantastic group of helpful investors and connected with retail partners to build a successful product to automate our jobs, to put retail pricing on autopilot.

Our Future Vision (2020 +)

Real-time data from retail stores such as product freshness, in-store conditions, market conditions, and intelligent deep learning algorithms make a powerful combination. We continue to innovate aggressively to make the world of retailing a more efficient place with less food wastage. We remain hungry engineers and believe that good is not enough if better is possible. Our mission is to create a world where people gain more value and create less waste from every product purchased.