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You can automate retail pricing with AI

Automated Pricing

You can automate retail pricing. We connect with your sales data to learn and make live profitable pricing decisions based on Artificial Intelligence.

Reduce Food Wastage

Your goal is to reduce food wastage. Our algorithms continuously price fresh products based on the life stage and inventory to reduce unsold fresh produce.

Shopper Value

Your customers love fresh produce. We use state of the art image recognition technology to help match the price to the produce freshness, automatically.


A Simple Implementation Process


Data Integration

Our data integration team sets up connections to receive sales, inventory and product data from retail databases. (~ 1 week)


Algorithm Development

Our data scientists model and configure the neural network prediction models for the product store combinations. (~ 2 weeks)


Price Tool Deployment

Our pricing tool is accessed as a web application. Category managers are alerted to a simple yes/ no/ test decision. (~1 week)


Automated Pricing

The algorithms continuously measure and improve accuracy based on new situations. Metrics are reported automatically.

The Core Team

The RapidPricer team consists of retail leaders in the area of retail pricing, category management, strategy and technology operations. Our experience includes building high tech solutions in Silicon Valley, managing high growth ventures and deploying mathematical pricing solutions at some of the largest retailers in the world.

Pricing & Artificial Intelligence

Kiran Gange

Over 15 years of experience implementing math and technology based pricing solutions at some of the largest retailers in the world.

Strategic Direction

Mike Rogers

Over 30 years of experience with high growth tech companies in the areas of strategic growth, infrastructure development and legal compliance.

Customer Success

Jenny Köpper

Over 20 years of experience working with category management with top brands and retailers across the Nordic region.

Sales and Customer Success

Lohith Amrendra

Over 15 years of experience in Software Sales and Customer Success in a role that values an extensive consulting background.


Would you like to talk to us about automating your pricing?

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