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You can automate retail pricing with AI

Connecting Data Sources to Pricing.

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Data Ecosystem

AI-Powered Algorithms

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Retail Pricing

Solution Videos

RapidPricer Retail Pricing

Pricing in Latin America

RASPER - Real Time Pricing

Competitive Pricing Strategies

Our Clients

Over 18 years of successful retail pricing implementations across the globe.

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Your Guide to Retail Pricing

The Expert Guide to Retail Pricing
An Analytics-Based Approach to Maximize Margins

"The breadth of knowledge that Kiran Gange brings as an author is incredible. His decades of real-world experience drive a concise and useful narrative.”

- John O'Connor

Chief Delivery Officer @ Xytech System


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Retail Pricing Best Practices.

Retail Pricing is evolving quickly with technology. Listen to our latest podcasts with expert interviews on the latest innovations impacting the retail pricing industry.

New Podcast

Retail Pricing and Analytics in Mexico


Retail Pricing Workshop

A science-based pricing workshop designed for category management and pricing teams at retail organisations.


"I had the pleasure to work with RapidPricer for one of the challenging projects. I was working on a project for a large retail client, and I had to complete the project on a tight schedule. As the project progressed, we had an issue with one of the files, and the customer could not provide us in a right format. As a result, the project was running behind. Because we had such a tight deadline, any delay in the project made it very difficult to complete the project on time."

Take Momiyama


Client Speak

Customer Success Story

"Our experience working with RapidPricer was an excellent experience given that they delivered what they promised they helped us improve our pricing strategies with the tools and process that they offered us." 

Ezequiel Siller

Commercial & Business 

Strategy Leader at YZA


Let us form a great alliance

Partner with us on Retail Pricing.

We specialize in retail pricing, we partner for data sources, consulting, business development and account management in Europe and Latin America. We also partner with educational institutions and organizations working towards reducing food waste in retail. 

Our Partners/ Investors:

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